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over us. and this system is going to go parallel to the coast which means if you are by the coast, you work by the coast, live by the coast, you have a greater opportunity to see any rain it will be light. otherwise it will be cloudy and cool today. here is sal. steve, good morning. we do have road work in parts of the bay area. not causing major traffic jams. we are also looking at highway 24 and it looks pretty good coming up through the tunnel as you drive through the tunnel traffic is moving well over to the other side. as we look at san francisco northbound 101 traffic off to a good start here. and public transportation just checked in with them and they are starting off the morning on time. now back to the desk. we begin with continuing coverage of a massive fire. owners and workers of cnh enterprise will meet today to discuss what happens next. lorraine blanco is at the plant as a company tries to rebuild. good morning, lorraine. >> reporter: gone. this morning you can still see
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and smell the smoke coming from the top of this builds this morning. if you take a look behind me a metal fan surrounds pnh. it started around 1:45 yesterday afternoon. the flames and smoke were so heavy and the chemicals inside this machine shop were so combustible firefighters had to battle it from the outside. the good news no one was hurt. all employees got out safely. management will meet to try to figure how to move forward. >> every month they take us out to breakfast, lunch, or pizza. it was a great company. >> reporter: the director of operations at this family owned business tells us they hope to get their employees back to work asap. they have a good insurance policy and will discuss how they will set up new machinery.
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the cause of the fire is under investigation this morning. pg&e is now checking more than 1500 pieces of under ground electrical equipment because of inspections that may have never happened. the company suspects some workers lied about completing the inspections required under state law. eight employees and 11 contract workers have been fired or suspended. pg&e has now hired 48 additional inspectors and they hope to have all of the equipment checked by the end of the year. most of it is in southern alameda county and the south bay. cupertino schools will reopen under increased security. we first reported on mornings on 2 that month vista high school canceled classes because of a bomb threat. students were shaken. >> towards finals it's kind of
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like we're all pretty jittery already. and now we're like there is a bomb threat. i don't know what to do. >> we won't name the teacher for his safety. police are providing extra protection for him and his family. police in fremont are looking for a man that walked into an islamic center and threatened to kill everybody inside. we are learning more about the young man shot and killed in a quiet neighborhood. a graduate of lee high school. his body was found on fair haven drive tuesday near a pickup truck that was up on the sidewalk. emergency crews initially thought his injuries were from the crash but later determined he had been shot. police say there is no evidence the killing is gang related. in oakland a $10,000 reward is being offered in that city's
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latest homicide. someone shot and kill the a man on 83rd avenue and d street yesterday afternoon. the victim a 49-year-old man died at the scene. no one has been arrested and the motive is still under investigation. but this is oakland's 122nd homicide that compares to 105 at the same time last year. oakland police are teaming up with their san francisco counterparts to get guns off the streets. they will be hosting a gun buy back program from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. in oakland drop offs can be made at st. benedicts church and in san francisco at the omega boy's club. police in vallejo are warning people to watch out for fake ipads this holiday shopping season. the warning comes after officers uncovered a stash of fake apple boxes like the one we are showing you there in or picture. instead of ipads the boxes
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contained black picture frames. the fake devices had an apple cut out logo and wrapped in bubble tape to confuse buyers. home run king barry bonds will be back in court on in february. back in april of 2011 he was convicted of one evasion count. bonds' lawyer says the answer was accurate and not meant to obstruct. highway patrol and local law enforcement agencies are kicking off the holiday tradition today. they are starting a two-week maximum enforcement period to crack down on drunk drivers. that means increased patrols and extra dui check points. let's take a quick look at
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arefies check on traffic. sal, how are you? >> doing well. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving in many areas. we have been looking at the road work. unfortunately a lot of it has been picked up. they usually try to pick it up early to give us a break. they have been doing a good job. as you look at this freeway, the traffic is moving well. certainly a lot of people out there. we're watching i just checked with chp and so far they are giving us the all clear. so that is very good news. and also checked with bart, bart trains are doing well. westbound bay bridge the traffic here is off to a nice start getting into san francisco in case you are wondering about that. and the first ace train has not left the central valley just yet. this is a look at northbound 280 in san jose. a live picture there. it is 4:35 on a friday. hello steve. friday, is it friday sal? thank you. these are not big rain producers and they are a challenge to say the least
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because forecast models absolutely do a dance every time we do a cycle on the run. if you are close to the coast, around the bay, greater opportunity for any presip most of it will stay off chore. it will be a cloudy cool, cool day. is maybe even some snow up there. there is a little bit of a change up there. it's definitely cold enough. we will keep an eye on things. this rain is very, very light. 30s on the temps. they will probably stop dropping at least here to the north bay. probably drop a little bit more if the south bay. three degrees up in tahoe. 34 ukiah. it will be a cool cold day up there. not very warm. here goes our system. it's kind of splitting and rotating right along the coast. if it did this, then we would have rain. it's doing this though. the cloud, rain forecast hardly puts any rain on us at all
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through today a lot of cloud cover. what about the next system? it's a little bit more stronger but again i don't buy into anything past 12 hours. cloud i y cool light rain. highs today about the same as yesterday. so pam, it will be cold again. >> all right i'm prepared. california is in for another day of unusually high tides as well. the tides are a result of specific positioning of the sun, moon, and earth. this time the water levels are unusually high. the king tide pushed water levels above seven feet along san francisco embarcadero. the high tide is expected to hit today between 11 and 12:30 this afternoon. the high tides and additional rains prompted street closures after flooding hit parts of san diego. look at that. the rainfall broke a record set in 1902. water took to the streets stranding drivers in their cars and adding hours to the compute
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time -- commute times. there are reports of mud slides and dozens of accidents. she's taking advantage of her dog is probably loving it. >> we grew up there in san diego. we know what it looks like there. 4:38 now. the disturbing new video of a northern california officer that shot and killed a man is being made public. the case involving the officer and who pulled the trigger. heading back to store shelves two of the big companies who are hoping to get their hands on the brand hostess. if you are driving on highway 24 so far it's looking pretty good.
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good morning. cloudy skies could be very light rain cold. some of that cold air is really trapped. it will be upper 40s to low 50s for many today. maybe light rain but closer to
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the coast. arraignment is scheduled for a san francisco woman accused of leaving her newborn baby on the street. she gave birth to a son early wednesday morning. chechen knocked on the door of a church for help. police performed cpr on the baby who was not breathing. officers say nash was uncooperative and high on cocaine. she faces charges including cruelty to the child. the newborn who is expected to recover has been turned over to child protective services. there is new disturbing video showing the moments before an officer shot and killed a man. now an oakland attorney is fighting back against the police department. the video you are about to see is very graphic. the video was released one day after the officer was cleared of any wrong doing. the shooting happened back in 2001. officers say they were forced to fire shots after the suspect
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pulled out a knife. >> i don't understand how this happened. i see my son and sure he's coming out of the car but there is nothing there that shows this officer trained officer was threatened. >> oakland attorney john buress has filed a lawsuit against the city and police department. a san francisco police officer is now on administrative leave after posting is a joyride in a lamborghini on the internet. he posted the controversial video on his facebook page. we showed you the story yesterday in the posting he claimed he and his friends were drunk and going 100 miles an hour through the broadway tunnel. now the sergeant has e-mailed us saying he did not drive that fast and that the drunk comment was quote tongue and cheek. new this morning the pentagon has announced it's going to send patriot air
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defense missiles and troops to turkey. the pentagon signed the deployment order this morning. no word when the troops will deploy or how long they will be gone. u.n. ambassador susan rice has a private meting with president obama this afternoon at the white house. day after she announced she is no longer in a running for secretary of state. she is withdrawing her name for consideration in order to avoid a lengthy disruptive conformation process. president obama says rice will remain a key member of his cabinet. >> her interest isn't in serving me but in serving the country. i could not be more prouder than her. she will be one of my top members. >> massachusetts senator john kerry is considered the front runner for secretary of state. kerry is known as a foreign
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policy expert. he is expected that he would face little opposition from his fellow senators. president obama and house speaker john boehner had another face to face talk but no word on progress. the two met for an hour at the white house last night before boehner headed home to ohio for the weekend. the president says if nothing else congress should act before the end of the year to prevent tax rates from going up on middle class americans. they say they are ready to accept higher taxes. police in fremont look for the man they say walked into an islamic center and threatened to kill everyone inside. the whole thing was caught on tape. on wednesday police say the man walk into the ikic center and told everyone he had a gun. police are not sure if the threat is based on religion or if the mosque was the target of another crime. >> we are not sure what kind of person showed up. we do have surveillance
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cameras. we will be getting pictures out of that system. >> police say the suspect possibly drove off in a 1990s gray toyota camry. they will be adding extra patrols for the mosque to look for anything suspicious. >> there are new developments in the royal phone hoax. the staff are now in safe houses due to ongoing death threats. coming up at 5:04 the extra security for the radio workers plus the three suicide notes left behind by the nurse who committed suicide. cal osha is investigating the death of a worker. the 47-year-old man fell to his death from a second story roof. the accident happened at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. doctors say it appears the work earn hit his head. he was rushed to a hospital where he died a few hours later. today more information could be released surrounding the suspicious death of a
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homeless woman in san jose. the woman was found dead in a creek yesterday morning. he was a drug addict and suspect foul play. it comes at a time when san jose is experiencing an increase in homeless related deaths. >> we did have a decline in the number of deaths from the previous year but despite that we are still losing people to homelessness. that's what this woman's death symbolizes me. alameda and solano counties will be among the biggest winners when a walgreens pays a $6 million fine. inspections around the state found walgreens routinely sent hazardous waste and medical records to the landfills. the company is not admitting any wrong doing saying it settled the lawsuit to save time and money and a long legal
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battle. walmart and kroger super markets are expected to be potential buyers of hostess. there are more than 20 bidders interested in buying some of all of the bankrupt companies assets. others want only the cakes and breads divisions. hostess is permanently shutting down after bankruptcy. moving right along throughout the day. talking to sal. see how traffic is shaping up. >> so far so good. one of these commutes where we haven't had a lot. we've been looking around quite a bit and haven't been able to find some. which is pretty good. it will probably not stay this way for long. let's go outside and take a look at highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland. it should be a very nice drive for you getting out to the tunnel. so go ahead and take advantage of that when you get to the toll plaza it does look good. check the bring for road work there is no road work on the
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bridge. also looked at the san mateo and the dumbarton bridge we've had a couple bad days for those bridges. this morning we are off to a pretty decent start. eastbound 84 after the first exit there. there is a minor collision. it's not causing a traffic jam. 4:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. here we go again. system coming right these are not very strong in the way of rain. we have a lot of cold air in place. i don't think that will change any time soon. the question is if the system does this we get the rain. and it's going right along the coast. it's weakening as we move south. some radar going to pick up a little bit. so there in lies the forecast. closer to the coast greater opportunity to see some rain. farther away from it probably a lot of cloud cover and a very cool day. a little built of a mix precipitation showing up. i doubt much of that is reaching the ground. 30s on the temps. and look at the cloud cover should stop these from getting
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too much colder. with the cloud cover we will be hard pressed to warm up. 34 ukiah. upper 40s for much of mendocino county. is looked good but it's splitting. when they split it's like taking a rubber band and you take a lot of the energy away. cloudy day with a little bit of rain. cloud, rain forecast takes a little bit of rain. but there could still be light rain and we'll deal with saturday's system beginning to come in. that looks to be a little more taking. so it looks like a cloudy cool weekend with a little bit of rain. today i'll show you light rain but mainly cloudy and cool. five-day forecast it 'cuz look a little more promising early next week for rain. just off and on. seriously don't cancel any plans. monday increasing clouds. tuesday actually looks pretty good. we'll see if that continues to materialize. >> thank you, steve. 4:50 is the time right now. two mexican police officers
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under arrest. the accusations against them and what it has to do with the plain crash that killed singers jenny rivera. a stunning revelation about john mcafee. the public hoax he pulled.
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two mexican police officers are under arrest as they allegedly stole items from the
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crash site where jenni rivera's plane went down. unspecified items were found at the homes of two police officers. government authorities also found images of the crash site on the phone of one of the officers including pictures of body parts and personal do you remembers. late last night fans waited outside long beach airport as the plane carrying her remains landed late last night. the small crowd greeted family members with applause. the oregon shopping mall that was the scene of a mass shooting will reopen this morning. a man and a woman died and a teenager was severely injured when investigators say jacob tyler roberts opened fire. he then killed himself. his aunt is speaking out about what happened. tammy roberts raised jacob after his mother died of cancer when he was just two years old. she says she has no explanation for what he did. >> never could i imagine him
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being a part of something like this. every day his whole life i was proud of him. i'm just not proud of him right now. >> robert's also says she wants the victim's families to know she is sorry for what happened. john mcafee now in miami said he faked a heart attack while in guatemala to avoid being sent back to belize. >> of course it was a ruse. there was a three hour time limit before the judge ruled against us and he could file an appeal. if nothing happened i would have been returned to belize at that moment. unfortunately i guess the pressure gave me a heart attack so i had one. >> in miami now he is something of a tourist attraction. constantly followed by reporters. macafee says so far u.s. authorities have not made any efforts to question him after he spent weeks evading police in belize.
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4:54 is the time. let's check in with sal. hopefully no problems on this early friday morning. >> not really. we do have road work out there. i want to let you know about. for the most part the major duty commutes are looking good for now. it's a nice start. let's take a look at what we have northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. this traffic looks good approaching the downtown area. if you are drying to the airport let's say -- driving to the airport, let's say you want to catch a flight you are looking good. hay cross the -- across the bay on interstate 880 looking good. should be a nice drive on interstate 880. we talked about the road work on the peninsula southbound 101 at third avenue not causing a major traffic jam. at 4:55 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. our system i'm standing right in front of is moving down the coast. very light rain is possible. again this system splits. i've seen it before.
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yesterday it looked really, really solid. they really don't have a good handle on it. we'll mention light rain. there could be even with the available moisture it's colder. but almost everything now is taking it off the coast when systems split it really takes a lot of energy. radar is beginning to show a little bit. so far all the observations say cloudy. we'll keep probably for the morning hours. then by the afternoon just goes south. we'll have a cloudy, cool day. 30s on the temps. that cold air is trapped. we had clear skies for awhile. as it goes along the coast we could get rain out of it. i'm going cloudy and cool. light rain again closer toward the bay and coast. chilly, chilly high temps. low 50s for some. low 40s up in the mendocino county and lake county. series of systems just keeps dropping in. they don't have much rain but we'll keep a cloudy mostly cloudy pattern into your weekend. clouds increase monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
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does look a little more solid for rain. we're following developing news right now. a strong earthquake strikes off the coast of california. the latest on tsunami warnings for southern california. also coming up fire destroys a factory in fremont. how employees are reacting this morning of what the owners are vowing to do.
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